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Arab intransigence, 1923

I just saw three consecutive articles from JTA in October 1923 that were illuminating. Says Jews Plan to Set Up an Independent State in Irak October 4, 1923 JERUSALEM (Oct. 3) That the Jews...

The Jews and Arabs of Palestine, 1852 0

The Jews and Arabs of Palestine, 1852

Here’s another in an occasional series of contemporaneous writings from the 19th century and earlier showing that the supposed tolerance that Muslims had of Jews is a myth. From Remarks on the present condition...

First photos of Jerusalem (1844) 0

First photos of Jerusalem (1844)

These were in Smithsonian Magazine this month. They were taken by French photographer Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey. I found very high resolution images for most of these from a Russian site. Click to enlarge....